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Patagonia Founder Speaks Wise Words in Outside Mag

| Tuesday November 1st, 2005 | 3 Comments

patagonia.jpgIf there’s anything worth reading today, it’s this outstanding article by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia in Outside Magazine. In the article, Chouinard describes business as both plague and saviour for the planet – depending on how it is deployed. He continues:

We believe the accepted model of capitalism, which necessitates endless growth and deserves the blame for the destruction of nature, must be displaced. Patagonia and its thousand employees have the means and the will to prove to the rest of the corporate world that doing the right thing makes for good, financially sound business.

There’s also a great little piece on NPR about 3 minutes long that’s worth listening too. Click here to check it out. (Thx Jill!)


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  • http://www.odograph.com odograph

    The article is a bit of a tragedy in the broad scale. It shows just how hard it is to be environmentally conscious when you are serving the … let’s face it, the conspicuously consuming few.
    If it is that hard to make “ethical” $250 parkas, how hard is it to make an “ethical” $20 parka?

  • Mark S

    There are also two links from the Patagonia site (http://www.patagonia.com/culture/yc_book.shtml?seepromo=home) for the NPR Day to Day broadcast on Yvon Chouinard.

  • http://www.northcoastgreenspieler.blogspot.com NorthCoast Johnny

    I agree with odograph entirely. 250$ parkas are for the conspicuously wealthy. meanwhile the poor are left with vinyl slickers etc. When will healthy organic foods and healthy apparel make its way down to an price range affordable to the averge joe or jo-ann. and how about those even less well off??
    the tipping point is drawing closer though.
    Not to mention how TOXIC Paga-gucci fleece is anyway. Go ahead and google Antimony and polar fleece. Antimony is a toxic heavy metal used as a catalyst in the production of PET. Malden Mills Polar Fleece is made from recycled PET, Pata-gucci makes close out of polar-tec from malden mills.
    These products leach antimony not only in the land fill but I read its also dermally sorbed.