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Patagonia Gets Closer to Realising Cradle to Cradle Philosophy

| Tuesday November 29th, 2005 | 1 Comment

capeline.jpgPatagagonia continues to lead the way in sustainable innovation among clothing retailers – they will now even take your dirty underwear in for recycling. That’s right – Patagonia Capilene® garments are capable of being recycled into new garments of equal quality. Since most recycling proceses result in inferior raw materials, this is quite a feat. Despite the processing needed to recycle the garments, and the fact that the material is shipped to Japan, it has still been calculated to be vastly less energy intensive than creating new fiber from virgin materials. It also saves 71% in CO2 emissions. It’s all explained here. A more detailed life cycle analysis is available here in PDF form.

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    Patagonia raises the recycling bar again, the company will now recycle your underwear. Patagonia Capilene can be broken down and remade into new clothing. The Capilene to be recycled is shipped to Japan, but it still much less energy intensive than cre…