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Pyron Solar – The Innovation We’ve Been Waiting For?

| Friday November 11th, 2005 | 3 Comments

pyron.jpgLa Jolla, CA bases Pyron Solar has something that sound’s almost too good to be true – a massively powerful solar energy unit that’s both compact and economical to produce. The key – small lenses that focus the sun’s rays on the solar cells – like burning an ant with a magnifying glass. The 23-foot wide prototype pictured here can power 6 homes and costs $2000 after rebates. Wow. (via Treehugger)


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  • danny

    That’s great to see development of efficient and cost effective PVs coming into the market!

  • alexanderhorre

    I still like the shingles idea better.

  • Monte

    The shingle idea costs more and produces less power this is a fantastic idea and should be embraced by all of the power hungry nations world wide..