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Saving the Environment, One Quarterly Report at at Time

| Monday November 28th, 2005 | 2 Comments

nyt_logo_sm.gifFrom The New York Times, last week another great article about how companies are profiting by “going green”. The article details the efforts of a wide variety of companies from Wal Mart to Newman’s Own who are taking steps to make their operations more ecologically consiouse, and reaping financial gain at the same time.
The one flaw in the article – it’s title makes reference to the “Quartely Report”. But the article never mentions it. The problem is, savings on investments in green energy and other changes are typically not realized for at least a few years. Obsession with quarterly earnings reports on the part of management and stockholders is typically a hindrance to change. It’s also pointed out as a major cause of corruption and bad accounting of the Enron type. Still, it’s worth a read.


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