Bank of America and Cause related Marketing

bofa.jpgRecently I saw a Bank of America commercial that didn’t look like a commercial at all. The commercial looked like an advertisement promoting a new town image resulting from an urban renewal program. The commercial showed a city center with many historical buildings in various stages of renovation. The narrator started with a litany of facts regarding historical buildings and districts in the United States, and then followed by the numbers of buildings, historical sites this organization has been directly involved in preserving and renovating. In the closing moments the final statement was one related to the cost of renovation projects and at that moment the B of A logo comes on the screen. When the logo was at the center of the screen then the narrator mentions Bank of America as long time contributor to this organization contributing to the preservation of American heritage.

This commercial in my opinion was brilliant example of Social Marketing. The commercial aligned Bank of America with a organization preserving historical buildings and landmarks. It was obvious how Bank of America was contributing to the organization but less obvious was the benefit B of A was receiving. It was simple brand association that they received leading to the acquisition of new customers and maintaining loyalty of current bank members. The commercial clearly demonstrated Bank of America’s commitment to this particular social issue. This commercial undoubtedly has strong potential to improve the B of A brand image. Improved brand image will translate into increased revenues for B of A. I can’t see this campaign being anything less than a win, win situation for both parties