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Great Green Marketing Article in CMO Mag

| Thursday December 22nd, 2005 | 2 Comments

This article in CMO Magazine is worth perusing for its insight on “green marketing” – what works, and what doesn’t. The article makes the point that deliberately branding youself as “Green” carries with it quite a bit of risk, especially if you have a checkered past (like Wal Mart). I looked at this recently in a post about the Beauty Engineered Forever brand of cleaning products, and the article also points out that nowhere in marketing material is the Toyota Prius ever referred to as “green”.
Ultimately this is a good thing because it reduces greenwashing and respects the intellegence of the public who are rightly skeptical of distracting “green” claims. It also reinforces the idea that ecologically intellegent innovations, particularily in efficiency ought to be commonplace and part of any sound business strategy.


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  • http://www.SRBMarketing.com Perry

    Yes, we loved this article, too – one of the best I’ve seen on green marketing recently. I highly recommend it. It’s encouraging to see some of the largest companies realizing the value of walking their green talk.

    Look for another good article from yours truly in the next issue of Worthwhile Magazine on the differences between green business, CSR, and cause marketing.

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