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Amory Lovins’ Oil Free Vision

| Friday January 27th, 2006 | 2 Comments

ebunny.jpgI’m amazed Amory Lovins doesn’t get more press. Having heard him speak on a number of occasions the depth to which this man has thought about our fossil-feul based economy is unprecidented, and the optimistic solutions he and the Rocky Mountain Institute have come up with are enough to delight even the most jaded doomsayer. (That said, he does have critics).
Nonetheless, check out this article in Discover Magazine. Mr. Lovins has outlined what seems to be a reasonable (and profitable) plan to elimite fossil fuels from the economy in less than 35 years while the economy itself continues to chug along, like the energizer bunny.


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  • Ex_Pan

    on jan 13 my Amory-Loving google alert sent me 10 different articles woth Mr. L in one day!! (ok none from new york times, but still)
    great link; i love people who say stuff like “despair is a sin”~~

  • Ben

    Amazing, this coming just before Bush said to CBS that America needs to end its addiction to oil, and just before the State of the Union address.