Is 2006 our year?

Yesterday’s commentary by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is calling green the new red, white and blue: (article here)

Enough of this Bush-Cheney nonsense that conservation, energy efficiency and environmentalism are some hobby we can’t afford. I can’t think of anything more cowardly or un-American. Real patriots, real advocates of spreading democracy around the world, live green.

In today’s Update, editor Rona Fried, is calling this year the year of the greens:

2006 is definitely going to be “our” year – for so many of us that have spent our lives trying to help people of all kinds understand the importance of sustainability.

Last week Joel Makower gave us his top ten list: five reasons for optimism, and five reasons for concern, about the state of business and the environment. The State of Green Business: Good News and Bad is Joel’s synopsis of the last fifteen years of green business:

And despite the obstacles, I remain optimistic — indeed, confident — that the hard work of good people inside good companies will continue to raise the bar, the performance, and the appreciation of corporate environmental practices.