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Japanese Firms Thinking About “Warm Biz” Winter Wear

| Tuesday January 24th, 2006 | 2 Comments

coat.jpgBy turning down the thermostat a little bit during the winter, you can save a lot on energy costs and reduce various emissions. It also gets colder inside. Japan for Sustainability reports that some firms are considering doing just that – while encouraging employees to wear warmer fashions.
At first glance, I’m picturing thousands of cubicle workers shivering at their desks, but the temperature reduction is actually not that enormous. Still, it makes me wonder if better insulation and green building techniques might accomplish the same thing while keeping people toasty.


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  • Ex_Pan

    JBusinessmen woudl have much more fun and be way less stressed if they were allowed to wear Carhartt

  • Ex_Pan

    ..do you know what the office towers did in Toronto? they’ve made the worlds biggest geothermal system (using deeep lake ontraio water). like u say better insulation and green techniques… but still, those suits(!) tehyd be way happier with carhartt not only the jackets but the pants with all the pockets