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More Sustainable Chopsticks?

| Tuesday January 31st, 2006 | 2 Comments

chopsticks.jpgEver since hearing that some inconcievable tonnage of wood was being flushed away by disposable chopsticks worldwide, I’ve always held Chinese restaurants in much higher regard if they provide “real chopsticks” to their customers rather than those lousy throw-away kinds. Not to mention the fact that real chopsticks don’t make your lips feel like they’re scratching a chalkboard. Anyway, it seems I’m not the only one – Both Treehugger and Japan for Sustainabilty report that movements are afoot to encourage people to carry their own set of chopsticks to the restaurant.
This is not only better from an environmental stance, it’s probably more sanitary, cheaper for the restaurant, and makes you look cool – kinda like the guy with his own pool cue at the billiard hall.


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  • Anonymous

    All the sushi places in Mesa will let you store a set of chopsticks behind the sushi bar. I think they even clean them for you when you are done. (Sadly, I do not own my own set yet)]
    – Craig

  • Lulu

    anyone know where to get biodegradable ones? I’ve seen some mention of them online but no supplier. Just a few random mention and distributors in China. I’m looking for the corn starch/yam based ones (though I guess disposable wood is techinically biodegradable, the idea is to be sustainable.)
    Drop me an email if anyone knows~