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BP Works with Hollywood to Promote Solar

| Tuesday February 21st, 2006 | 3 Comments

hollywoord_sign.jpgAlthough it smacks a wee bit of greenwashing, British Petroleum has teamed up with a handful of Hollywood stars to promote a solar energy campaign aimed at low income residents. (business 2.0 article here) The project works like this:
A celebrity purchases a home solar system from BP, and an identical system is donated to a poor family in L.A. So far 23 families have benefitted. I’m not sure why they purchaser has to be a celebrity, nor have I seen the actual list of participants aside from Ed Norton. But why not throw a little Hollywood glam into the appeal of solar? It really can’t hurt.


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  • Anonymous

    The headline: “Star Power Heats Up Solar” ?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I went to the link and already had that headline! As they say, not too many original ideas.

  • BPO

    Well, I guess the reason why it has to be a celebrity is the same as why people who endorse products are celebrities…not that I endorse the idea of celebrity endorsements, I think it sucks, but I know I’m in a minority…
    From a business standpoint, I think it is a pretty good idea from BP for achieving its goals of advertising renewables ( and itself)
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