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FT – Cost of Climate Change

| Wednesday February 15th, 2006 | 2 Comments

ftlogo.gifI can’t help bu get excited when major, mainstream business publications have interesting storied related to environmental matters and in particular, climate change. The Financial Times (link via WBCSD) has a great piece on a good overview of the problems encountered in trying to justify costs in the short term that may or may not offset long term disasters.

It has taken some time for the economics of climate change to enter the mainstream. While scientific knowledge in this area has leapt ahead, economic advances have been much slower. You do not have to look far for the reasons. Most economics theory is designed to cope with issues that are relatively short term or national. Even international economics is ill-equipped to deal with trans-boundary issues.


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  • http://scottageb.blogspot.com/ scottage

    Have you seen the report from the American Associate for the advancement of Sciene conference? This would have dramatic implications on our economy, if their predictions are accurate. Still, the fact that so few presses bother to write on it is horrible.

  • abos

    I am doing masters in financial markets, I find the topics available in this website very fascinating and interesting and would be happy to do my dissertation on climate change and its effect on financial markets, so I can show how important climate change is going to be in this century and how it’s going to affect hedging strategies and insurance companies. If you have any useful information, scenarios or suggestions which you think I could use, I would be most grateful if you share them with me.