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Shell – Promiting Action on Climate Change Good For Business?

| Thursday February 16th, 2006 | 1 Comment

shelllogo.jpgComing from an oil company, tough talk on climate change is sometimes hard to believe. But Shell should still be applauded for at least giving lip service to promoting the idea of tighter emissions controls. (WBCSD a few days ago) Since a ravaged climate has an obviously negative effect on almost any business, it’s clearly in Shell’s interest to do something to prevent that. They’re not going to move into renewables overnight, so why not promote efficiency and emissions reduction technology in automobiles? It makes perfect business sense for Shell – they can go on selling gasoline for the near future – and the rest of us benefit from the emissions reduction in the meantime (hopefully).

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  • Anonymous

    Shell has proven quite adept at ravaging the environment locally — just look at what has happened to the air, land, and water in the Niger Delta — so the idea that they are concerned with the global climate really would cause some laughter if the misery they have been party to were not so horrible.