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Sweden’s Oil Free Mission – For Real?

| Thursday February 9th, 2006 | 2 Comments

sweden.jpgThere has been much writen in various journalistic outlets about Sweden’s plan to be “oil free” by 2020, a mere 14 years. [BBC][The Age][MSNBC] And they don’t plan on building any nuclear plants either. Remarkably, according to the press, this plan springs forth from a consortium of leaders from industry, governemnt and civil society alike.
To put things into perspective, have a look at the lively discussion over on Treehugger. The reactions to this claim range from praise to cynical disbelief to ambivelence, with a number of apparant Swedes mentioning that the Swedish domestic press has had little to say about this supposedly grand scheme. Regardless of just how realistic any plan is, it’s remarkable that it’s gotten as much press as it has, and the fact that it makes news at all proves the desire that many, many people have to ween the world off oil altogether.
It goes without saying that Sweden has a longstanding reputation for leadership on environmental matters. Keep your eye on the news to see if this plan actually takes off.


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