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Worldchanging Presents Ed Burtynsky’s Photographs

| Friday February 17th, 2006 | 1 Comment


This is a bit of a side note, but Worldchanging has put together a very moving photographic journey with the help of photographer Ed Burtynsky. Click the image above to go straight to the site.
Is this directly related to business? Well, yes it is, because it goes to the very fundamentals of what we’re trying to accomplish to build a better world, and business is very much a part of that. Also, Worldchanging is one of my favorite sites. Take a minute to give it a view!

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  • BenE

    I remember sustainablog tried doing a funraiser blog-a-thon last year for a charitable cause. He recieved about 200$ I think asking for $50000 is a bit ridiculous.