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Alcan Environmental Impact Assessment

| Thursday March 2nd, 2006 | 3 Comments

alcan.jpgAluminum manufacturing is one of the most massively energy intensive operations around, but Alcan, the big Canadian firm who won the 2005 Globe award, are managing to do it in better ways. WBCSD has an interesting Environmental Impact Assesment on their operations. The assesment concerns the manner in which Alcan balances its massive hydropower facilities in Canada with the needs of the people who live around the lakes – particularily concerning shorline erosion.
Say what you will about the fact that the lakes are artificial to begin with, and that developing cottages and condos around them may not be the most sustainable practice. Still, the level of communication that the company is having with the local community and the steps they seem to be making to reach out is worth applauding.


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  • gyurme

    Hi, is this related with university of peace in costarica? would u pleace let me know about this university? That would be very helpful.thanks alot

  • http://blogs.weallcan.net/halvor_ogreid/ Halvor

    It’s interesting that you’re tracking Alcan. I’m part of a Alcan student initiative in Europe, we follow some people around for a few days and then we’re asked to keep a blog to track what we think about it all. I would appreciate your feedback and any additional insight that you may have.

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