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Cashing in on the Future of Ethanol

| Friday March 10th, 2006 | 3 Comments

ethanol.jpgEthanol may not be the perfect solution to our environmental and oil-based woes, but it’s probably better than what we’ve got now. Either way, Ethanol is taking off, and people are eager to cash in on this new cash crop. In South Africa a firm called Ethanol Africa is investing a whopping $1 Billion on new ethnaol plants across the country to take advantage of higher fuel standards in Europe and elsewhere (See Reuters). The project is backed primarily by corn growers.


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    Scientists at Environment Canada studied four vehicles of recent makes, testing their emissions in a range for driving conditions and temperatures.
    “Looking at tailpipe emissions, from a greenhouse gas perspective, there really isn’t much difference between ethanol and gasoline,” said Greg Rideout, head of Environment Canada’s toxic emissions research.
    “Our results seemed to indicate that with today’s vehicles, there’s not a lot of difference at the tailpipe with greenhouse gas emissions.”
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