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Environmental Defense – New Global Warming PSAs

| Thursday March 23rd, 2006 | 2 Comments

tick.jpgEnvironmental Defense Fund has put together a couple new public service messages about global warming. Both are very dramatic and feature children as key players – and the recipients of the negative consequences of climate change. They are quite high on the “doomsday” scale, which may very well be correct, but I wonder how much more doomsaying people need? That’s a fundamental question when it comes to educating the public about this sort of thing, and it’s possible that these ads might be very effective in generating public outcry. Anyway I much prefer the train video than the one with the series of kids. How about you?
[View the PSAs here]


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  • http://www.phatgnat.com DK

    I’m with you on the train choice but also pushing the doomsday scenario – surely a change in tactic is needed in terms of pushing the pure financial benefits of recycling, using a smaller car or bio-diesel etc etc

  • http://www.treehugger.com Nick Aster

    Yeah, my fear is this: The Doomsday scenerio fuels the loud mouth skeptics who have mangaged to equate caring about the environment with “doom and gloom” which they keep claiming will never happen – it’s total head-in-the-sand philosophy, but it’s huge in the US – “those awful environmentalits just want to scare us!” is something I hear over and over again. Then again, maybe I’ve been reading too many right-wing blogs!