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Gil Friend – 2005: A Tipping Point for Sustainability?

| Tuesday March 7th, 2006 | 0 Comments

tippingscale.jpgIn Gil Friend’s recent newsletter he alluded to 2005 as being the tipping point for sustainability. In 35 years of tracking the “sustainability trajectory”, Gil says last year may have been the “year of critical mass”. Among his observations:

  • Major, and vocal, steps toward eco-efficiency by manufacturers such as GE and Boeing
  • Major investments by financial institutions in renewable energy and efforts to combat climate change
  • The highly significant developments at retailers such as Wal Mart and Starbucks
  • And the reality check that the 2005 hurricane season thrust upon us.

It’s not all glowing, guaranteed optimism from here on out of course. Pop over to Gil’s site to read the rest!


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