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The Corporate Players in Organic Foods

| Thursday March 30th, 2006 | 2 Comments


As we’ve talked about quite a bit lately, organic food is becoming big business. This is both good and bad of course : less pesticides and a healthier population are good things, but there’s understandable fear that with big money involved quality standards may be compromised and the small farmer further decimated. I tend to fall on the side of believing this is part of a positive evolution – and the chart above illustrtates that almost every big player in the food industry is getting involved with organics to one extent or another. Click the chart to go full screen (courtesy of the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia).
Soon, we’ll see Wal*Mart on that map too.


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  • http://www.ethicaladventures.org beev

    Time for the rise of local food!

  • Derek Newberry

    Great post… I think it’s interesting how we see organic foods as being such an “alternative” sector, yet so many giant corporations like Kraft and ConAgra have well known organic brands under their umbrella. Since I’ve been working at the World Resources Institute, I’ve seen that the real emerging markets are in some developing countries where organic retailers don’t have the same higher income consumers to appeal to like Whole Foods does. I just had the chance to interview the CEO of one company in particular that is pretty much the first major organic chain in Mexico (http://www.new-ventures.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=enterpriseDetails&IDenterprise=10)… the corporate player map there definitely looks nothing like what you posted, but hopefully it will within the next several years.