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Alex Steffan Earth Day Essay: Outstanding Reading

| Wednesday April 26th, 2006 | 2 Comments

Alex SteffanWorld Changing’s Alex Steffan wrote an outstanding essay on earth day which encourages us to see beyond superficial consumer changes. He’s dead on right. If all we do is recycle our beer bottles, we won’t be going anywhere. Still, with most people’s environmental consiousness at practically nil, the bulk effects of superficial changes can still be positive and can be a great first step toward something greater. I think that as business leaders, there is a dual responsibility. One is to understand the high level thought that is going on in Alex’s essay and truly strive to move in that direction. The second is to recognize the realities of our imperfect system, and work with it in a way that does not alienate people, however long that takes.
If there’s anything worth reading today, read Alex’s essay, and read the comments too.


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  • Anonymous

    so bad

  • omar

    we have to save of planettt. can we ?