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Commuter Checks – A Brilliant Way to Help Employees Deal with High Gas Prices

| Friday April 28th, 2006 | 3 Comments

communterchack.gifWith high gas prices taking a bite out of people’s wallets, transit and other car-alternatives are on on the rise in popularity. A great way to make transit easier and save employees money is to sign up for Commuter Check. This brilliant service allows employers to pay out as much as $105 tax-free per month to employees for use on transit systems, van pools and similar services. In other words, by not spending a dime, a company can give its employees what amounts to a 20-35% discount on the price of a monthly transit pass, or they can just give them out as bonus pay.
That’s a lot of money in some people’s pockets, and everyone wins! The service is available in select cities in the US, but with a little preasure, it’s likely to availble elsewhere soon.


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    It is not gay, it’s just slightly dumb.
    Freedom is key to demanding a society of crazies with no tools.

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    Guys, would you care to elaborate on that?