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Illustrated Profits From Resource Savings: Water

| Tuesday April 25th, 2006 | 1 Comment

water33.jpgSometimes you have to say things over and over again before they sink in. Speaking of sinks – saving water is not only going to become increasingly important, it also saves companies money immediately. It’s also easier to do than most people realize. Joel Makower’s Grist column today illustrates this nicely.

Water reduction, reuse, and recycling investments often have quick paybacks, especially when one considers the multiple business benefits water efficiency can provide

More on Grist.

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  • http://www.globalwarmingwatch.blogspot.com/ Wadard

    I can report that my mates and I were discussing exactly that. Goulburn people in rural NSW are protesting that they sell their water for one 10th of the price that Sydney water retail it for. Goulburn locals are unhappy because their main dam is now officially a dustbowl. In Australia, we are in a long drought – all around our water supplies are dropping and we are having to look harder to find remaining water.