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Google Trends of 3P Relevance

| Thursday May 11th, 2006 | 2 Comments

More fun to have while I take a break from writing. Google Trends is sort of a build-your-own Zeitgeist where you can track the popularity of words and phrases in search queries as well as in the news. It’s even got geographic specificity. Here are a few interesting ones to play with:
Peak Oil
John Kerry
Global Warming
Kyoto Protocol


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  • http://watthead.blogspot.com Jesse Jenkins

    That is interesting. In particular, I was interested to see Portland, OR show up on the top of both the biodiesel and Peak Oil trends and to see a four or five major Australian cities at the top of the list for both the Global Warming and Kyoto Protocol searches. Yah for new Google toys to procrastinate with…

  • Save and Conserve

    Usage of the phrase “peak oil” seems to be on the decline in 2006. I drill into this here at Save and Conserve
    Check it out if you have time,