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Pfizer: The Constant Gardener?

| Monday May 8th, 2006 | 2 Comments

pfizer.jpgOr rather, the villan in “The Constant Gardener”. Pfizer has been charged in Nigeria with administering experimental drugs to children with no authorization. It may or may not have lead to any deaths, but it’s certainly dodgy behavior from a giant pharmacutical who ought to know better. This is the kind of corporate leadership that ends up brining down companies, not to mention the reputations of more well behaved firms. Not a good move on the part of Pfizer who will probably catch a lot of heat for this, and deservedly so. The effect on their share price remains to be seen.


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  • http://www.greatearthpharmacy.com/ Pharmacy

    Thank you for that very intelligent and thought provoking post. Though I am not sure what you expected me to take from that….

  • Anna

    What about dead children? Are share prices more important than human lives?