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“We Call If Life” I Call It Bad Business

| Monday May 22nd, 2006 | 4 Comments

dandelion.jpgIf you havn’t seen the mindboggling advertisements put out by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, watch the video below. CEI, funded by numerous companies – notably ExxonMobile, has produced these ads to make people belive that there is, in fact, no climactic crisis on the globe at all. The ads are so bad, they look like deliberate parodies.

I almost feel sorry for Exxon. They’ve got so much money right now they really don’t seem to know what to do with it. While BP and Shell continue to accept the facts about peak oil and global warming, slowly and visibly tranistioning themselves to a post-oil world by investing in solar and other technologies, ExxonMobile and other myopic corporations continue to blindly fight like stubborn mules. In ten or fifteen years, unless ExxonMobile gets a clue, we’re going to see BP and Shell picking apart its remains, and deservedly so.


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  • http://www.organicarchitect.com Eric Corey Freed

    On the CEI website, they call themselves the “leading environmental think tank” while in the same breath referring to Global Warming as “alleged.” It must be what it was like in the Middle Ages when Columbus said the world was round; or when Copurnicus said the Sun was the Center of the Universe. The fear based nuts tried to stop them as well.
    It makes you think: what great ideas were squelched by these kinds of fear and power based forces?
    How much is human progress slowed by fear and ignorance?

  • Anonymous

    Or like when environmentalists warned us about the “population bomb”. Or how the world would run out of fossil fuels by the year 2000. Or how pollution would cause an imminent Ice Age in our lifetimes.

  • Anonymous

    They should stick marketers in a room with 100% life.

  • Anonymous

    @#2: Well, in the end, population growth, or any kind of growth is unsustainable. 1% population growth over a thousand years: 1.2e14 people, enough to fill the _volume_ of the earth about ten times.