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Apple Offering Computer Take-Back Program

| Monday June 5th, 2006 | 0 Comments

applelogo.jpgIt’s about time Apple did something like this – they offer free recycling for old computers (regardless of manufacturer) when you purchase a new one. The process is said to result in nothing hazardous being shipped overseas either.
Although this is a great move, it’s only a baby-step in terms of any sort of meaningful recycling process for eWaste. First of all, there is very little information about exactly what happens to the old computers, how their parts are reused or not. It would also be nice if Apple offered a discount for returning customers in the same manner that they do with iPods – this would greatly increase participation. Finally, the hope is that this process jump starts a new approach to manufacturing for Apple – with the ideas of reuse and recycling a part of the process from the begining, not a slapped-on afterthought.
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