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Bank of America Offering Hybrid Reimbursement

| Friday June 9th, 2006 | 1 Comment

bofa_logo.jpgJoining the ranks of other leading companies, Bank of America will now offer up to $3,000 per employee as a reimbursement for purchasing a hybrid vehicle. That’s pretty cool. The project will be evaluated in select markets, and possibly rolled out nationwise.
I’m curious if BofA manages to share in some of the tax benefits that hybrid car purchases give to consumers, or they’ve calculated a more intangible payback in terms of employee health and happiness?
(via GreenBiz)

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  • http://www.bdpedia.com BDPedia

    Whatever be the reason – and being bankers I presume BoA would have figured out how much they would gain in the process – the bank should be commended for this initiative…like most large-scale disruptive ideas, the biofuels idea also needs evangelists who are willing to break convention and spend some efforts towards making it a success
    Ec – Biodiesel WWW Encyclopedia @ BDPedia.com