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Columbia Dean on the Merits of the MBA

| Friday June 2nd, 2006 | 1 Comment

US News recently interviewed R. Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business on the state of business and the merits of an MBA. Firstly, he discusses the “bad rap” that business seems to have aquired over the years, stating that business is indeed “noble” and that an MBA is one of the best ways to learn to deal with globalization. With regards to scandels such as Enron, the dean says that they’ve offered invaluable learning experiences for current students of business. But he adds that taking an ethics course may not be enough and that lessons from experienced professionals are more valuable. I’m inclined to agree for the most part…
(Thx Cindy)

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  • http://www.origonews.com Liz

    There is a lot of stuff out there recently about business schools and what an MBA should and should not be learning. Check out Business for Social Responsibility’s Report on whether or not business schools are adequately preparing their students. This report came from Origo Cross-Sector News, where you can find other articles and reports on the triple bottom line.