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Wind Farm Moratorium Affecting Midwest, But Why?

| Monday June 12th, 2006 | 2 Comments

windfarm22.jpgA moratorium on new wind energy farms in the midwest has been imposed by the FAA and the Military who say that more studies need to be made to be certain that the towers don’t interfere with radar. This seems like a reasonable concern, but there is fear that a delay will cause great damage to the emerging wind industry. Will this be a quick study with a conclusive decision? Or will it drag on indefinitely to the detriment of the industry, consumers, and the environment? And what if if the turbines really do play havoc with radar? More here.


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  • http://itstheenvironmentstupid.blogspot.com Amy Stodghill

    This story has resurfaced again – your thoughts as to why the US wants to stop wind power construction?