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Avoiding Bad Customer Service With AOL

| Saturday July 22nd, 2006 | 6 Comments

aol.jpgGood customer service gives businesses a good name and most definitely improves their success. Bad customer service is bound to start causing problems and is very much something we want to avoid when we talk about the ‘big picture’ of sustainability.
A great classic moment in bad customer service happened last month to Vincent Ferrari (watch the amazing tape here) when he tried to cancel his AOL account. And the ensuing press prompted AOL to utter a reasonably authentic-sounding apology.
But when the Consumerist got their hands on this fascinating “Retention Manual” the real depth of AOL’s policies started to emerge. The manual specifically refers to cancelation calls as sales leads and reads (allegedly):

If you stop and think about it, every Member that calls in to cancel their account is a hot lead. Most other sales jobs require you to create your own leads, but in the Retention Queue the leads come to you! Be eager to take more calls, get more leads and close more sales. More leads means more selling opportunities for you and cost savings for AOL.

(See Consumerist for the rest)
Now, obviously, any company can be forgiven for making a little effort to try to keep customers from canceling, but if you watch that video, refer to the 2005 case in which AOL was fined $1.25 Million for overly aggressive retention practices, and inspect this amazing document, you see a corporate culture that clearly refuses to learn.
I hardly ever launch into a negative diatribe about anyone, but somtimes you have to hold things up as an example. AOL is probably the worst way possible to access the internet, but manages to sign up millions of subscribers who don’t know any better, or who buy new PCs with the virus-like AOL software pre-installed (Not to mention those mililions of CDs that everyone just throws into the trash). They’ve been losing market share for years, and it’s painfully obvious why.


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  • http://customersarealways.com Maria Palma

    Yes, you would think that AOL would have learned by now, but it seems obvious that the execs are so lost in their little bubble that they’ve lost touch with the “real world”.
    Pat on the back to Vincent for finally exposing their dirty laundry :)

  • Anonymous

    I want to cancel the aol account

  • julio solano

    pues esto es en español amican online no sirve es el peor servicio que existe en el mundo ami me cobraron tres meses un solo mes aparte es lopeor aol basura

  • yvonne

    Can anyone tell me hoe to get rid of the image challenge crap. I cannot send emails out and every time they ask me to type these hard to read letters and # it tells me that they are sorry the mail team. who the hell is the mail team. All I want to to do is send my emails..I’m about ready to cancel this account and go to yahoo!! In order to speak with someone at customer service I have to pay this is not service. When I go online for support, it just tells you what image challenge is and not how to cancel it. Funny thing is I can rec emails but I cannot reply. What kind of security is this?

  • toni

    AOL is the worst – they lost all my info – they cancelled my accounts – they will not respond unless I write letters – what recourse do I have?? they have all my info so I have to follow their rules until I get this all taken care of – they are awful – why does anyone use them????? I of course had to scramble to change my email addresses on all of my businesses – they truly are the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J.H.Saunders

    My AOL is a pain in the arse to use.
    I have Broadband with telephone included.
    The phone is ok but I keep dropping out with the internet connection and am told unless it drops out 20 (YES 20) times a day they dont want to know.
    What sort of service is that.??? Answer as if you dont already know, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP AND DOUBLE CRAP.