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Could Hitachi Go Emissions Neutral by 2015?

| Wednesday July 12th, 2006 | 1 Comment

hitachi.jpgHitachi has a bold goal to be “emissions neutral” by 2015. The so-called “Environmental Vision 2015″ plan aims to reduce CO2 emissions from both production and product use to a level that can be easily offset. The plan also calls for a higher level of recycling in general, and a corporate community “in harmony” with nature. I’m not sure what the “harmony” part really means, but a little lip service is generally good if it’s at least backed up by a plan as good as the one they seem to be implementing. Article here.

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  • marcos

    Why would Hitachi want to go emissioms neutral?
    Are they really just talking about CO2 or are they going to address other emissions?