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More on Permeable Parking Surfaces

| Tuesday July 18th, 2006 | 0 Comments

uwmsidewalk.jpgCheck out this article on UW-Milwaukee’s campus and Whitney Gould’s suggestion to do away with surface parking in favor of an “emerald necklace” around the campus. It’s inspired. It’s also extremely practical. Imagine what a typical suburban office/retail area might look like with this kind of thoughtfulness. Imagine a neighborhood.
Granted, it’s not cheap to rip up existing infrastructure and replace it with new, better landscaped alternatives. But if one plans this sort of thing from the begining then direct savings and other less tangible payoffs are a lot more realistic. Consider the now legendary Village Homes in Davis, CA. The developers behind this attractive suburban subdivision took out unusual risks in the early 80’s to create a fantastic, green, highly livable community with none of the drawbacks of typical suburban sprawl – and they enjoyed a 30% per year ROI plus some very satisfied homebuyers. Read all about it on RMI’s site.


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