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Burning Man to Cool Off With Cooling Man

| Monday August 14th, 2006 | 0 Comments

burning_man.jpgThe annual west coast celebration of counter cultural creative exuberance known as Burning Man will enjoy carbon offsets this year courtesy of a project known as, you guessed it, Cooling Man. The event features 30,000 (give or take) participants who gather in the Nevada desert in what is meant to be a “leave no trace” event. For the most part, the event is astonishingly smoothly run in terms of cleaning up after itself and embracing a positively environmental philosophy (despite the torching of many a large piece of art). Nonetheless, the folks at the Cooling Man project have created an online tool at www.coolingman.org that will help festival goers estimate the pollution footprint that their participation generates – and offers various options to help offset it.


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