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Eco-Dent Toothpaste is Allowed on Airplanes

| Wednesday August 16th, 2006 | 1 Comment

ecodentLogo.gifWithout getting into the tragedy that toothpaste will no longer be allowed in carry on luggage on airplanes, I’ve just been sent a press release from Eco-Dent who proclaim that their Toothpowder product is, in fact, legal in hand luggage. Iv’e used their product before, and it’s actually pretty neat. Still, I’m not 100% sure why eco-dent is more ecologically friendly than regular toothpaste aside from the fact that you can fit more of it in a bottle, and because it’s lighter, it presumably uses marginally less fossil fuels to transport.
Either way, in issuing their release, the company is certainly finding a great way to capitalize on the current airline security situation. At first I was slightly taken-aback at the choice to jump in and profit from such a thing, but as I think about it I have to admit – eco dent is stepping in to provide a real need that people have right when they need it most. That’s a great entrepreneurial move. And if the product is indeed more ecologically minded, so much the better.

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  • http://www.thelighthouseonline.com Marina

    I’ve been using Eco-Dent for years. My Mom used to make my siblings and me brush with plain baking soda and salt, so I don’t find the taste horrible.
    To address your question about why Eco-Dent is more ecologically friendly:
    1. One bottle of Eco-Dent lasts a very, very long time, thus reducing items entering the waste stream.
    2. Their packaging is easily recyclable.
    I don’t think toothpaste tubes are recyclable or, if they are, they aren’t easily recycled. There may be more reasons having to do with manufacturing processes, but I don’t know.
    They also have dental floss that is packaged in a much more ecologically sound way as well.