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Environmental Defense and NRDC Launch Counter Attack TV Ads

| Thursday August 17th, 2006 | 1 Comment

In response to the various propaganda videos such as the now infamous “CO2 is Life” advertisements put out by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, various environmental organizations are funding programs of their own. Most recently brought to my attention is a frightening short by Environmental Defense and the NRDC which outlines the crisis of global warming and points a finger at the “oil and gas lobby” for holding progress back. It’s very dramatic, and from an asthetic point of view it’s almost as nail bitingly awful as this wacky radio spot (listen here) put out by an industry funded group called SEECalifornia. The assembly bills the ads are referring to are specific to California, but the style is not. They propose various caps on emissions be put in place statewide.
Although I give NRDC and Environmental Defense the benefit of the doubt, I really wish the “other side” of the battle didn’t have to stoop to the same overdramatic, vague propaganda to get their point across. To me it simply underscores the communication gap that exists between industry and environmentalists that keeps flights brewing and prevents real dialogue. Then again, maybe I’m overestimating the depth to which the average TV viewer thinks.
Watch the film on the next page…. what do you think?

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  • mateosf

    This may be the worst ad I’ve ever seen.
    Who advised ED and NRDC on this? What were they thinking? AB 32 also has a name – the “California Climate Act” – why can’t they call it that?
    For a couple of professional organizations, this is pretty amateur.