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Johnson Controls Launches Energy Blog

| Thursday August 3rd, 2006 | 3 Comments

jon_con.jpgJohnson Controls is the kind of company that ought to be a major leader in green building and sustainability in general. The are the biggest makers of hybrid car batteries in the US and responsible for the plumbing, electric and circulatory systems of many a massive building project. To their credit they talk a whole lot about energy efficiency, but the company website and sustainability reports are eerily silent when it comes to things like LEED certification, green building, and concepts like cradle-to-cradle and carbon emissions. Perhaps that will change as they become one of the few Fortune 100 companies to have a public facing blog – www.yourenergyforum.com.
Anyone who’s perused the ideas set forth in the Cluetrain Manifesto can appreciate the importance of this kind of development. What’s better in this case is that the blog doesn’t appear to be a super-polished corporate mouthpiece, and as far as I can tell is not screening comments. That’s a good thing. Too often, major companies are too scared to open themselves up to this kind of unscripted real-time communication – they fear not being able to handle any sort of negative commenting. This paranoia may ultimately spell the downfall, or at least seriously hinder the growth, of companies too slow to embrace the new global conversation. Fortunately for Johnson Controls, they’re finally moving ahead of the curve.
More on WBCSD.
Ed Note: The blog seems to have vanished (something funny going on?), but you can sneak a peek at the google cached version in case you think I was making it up.


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  • Anna

    It’s _there_ (as of Fri Aug 11), just crammed way over on the sidebar.

  • http://www.crossprofit.com CrossProfit

    The CrossProfit evaluation line for JCI is pegged at $74.00. EOL (end of 12 month forward looking e-line) is 09/06. If shares continue to decline to the 65-67 range this would create an interesting investment opportunity.
    A more conservative investor may wish to wait until the new evaluation line is posted in October.
    Disclosure: This is the official analyst consensus of CrossProfit.com. Information provided gratis to 3P/Nick Aster – our small contribution.
    Free access to the CrossProfit subscription based site may be obtained by sending an e-mail to customerservice crossprofit.com. Mention 3P/Nick Aster and the title of this article to obtain a free subscription.
    Disclaimer: 3P is not affiliated with CrossProfit and does not endorse nor receive any remuneration from CrossProfit.

  • http://www.businessblogwire.com Easton Ellsworth

    Nick, this post is the earliest I could find identifying Your Energy Forum as a Fortune 100 corporate blog. Congratulations – you’ve just made it into Fortune 500 Blog Project lore :).