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Top 10 Most and Least Expensive Places for Driving?

| Wednesday August 30th, 2006 | 0 Comments

With the price of gas up and car-dependant sprawl the development norm for most people it’s interesting to see an analysis of exactly how much the average household shells out per year in gasoline costs. According to Sperling’s Most and Least Expensive Places for Driving list, Atlanta tops the list with a whoping annual gas expense of $5,772 per household. Not surprisingly, suburban areas in the south, especially Florida and Southern California also rank high. But interestingly, El Paso comes in as the cheapest – a city no less car dependant than any of the others.
It turns out that the survey does not take into consideration households without cars, or I’m fairly certain New York and San Francisco would have scored much lower. It’s also a metropolotain ranking, so even though people in Manhattan hardly ever drive, the rating that includes them would stretch halfway across New Jersey. The numbers don’t include car mainenence and other factors either.
Useful or not? The entire list can be seen here.


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