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Fair Trade Sports Aims to Even the Score

| Wednesday September 27th, 2006 | 2 Comments

FairTradeSoccerBall.jpgFair trade coffee is now a household word, but why not fair trade soccer balls? Although sports gear manufacturing may not impact as many people as the coffee industry, it’s a highly visible part of culture the world over with kids of all economic backgrounds involved in sports in one way or another. Making a statement with fair trade produced sports balls and other gear is bound to sink into the hearts and minds of the kids playing with the gear on all corners of the globe. Fair trade sports aims to make this happen with balls and other products supplied from sources with decent wages, health care, etc… Seems like a great business, although I haven’t seen any evidence of third-party verification of their practices.
Website: www.fairtradesports.com
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  • http://www.fairtradesports.com Scott James

    Good question, Nick.
    Yes, we use FLO (Fairtrade Labeling Organization) for third party verifications of our manufacturer’s business practices. You can learn more about FLO at http://www.fairtrade.net.
    See more information on these two posts:
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  • http://www.fairtradesports.com Scott James

    Brilliant headline, BTW!