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Kiehl’s Drugstores and NRDC Clicking for Greenland

| Thursday September 7th, 2006 | 1 Comment

logo_kiehls.gifKiehl’s is a famous chain of drugstores which for some reason I’d never heard of. Nonetheless, I’m told by their recent press release that they are a global brand with some clout. So it’s great to see a brand of their stature teaming up with the NRDC to raise awareness of global warming. The banner under which they’ve decided to march is called “Click for Greenland“. If you watch a short presentation and then click a link, 25 cents is donated to the NRDC. Not bad.
This is a very interesting sort of campaign. For one thing it’s a little more interactive than just sticking up a banner in the store saying “we care” or even by making an outright donation. By forcing the reader, and potential customer, to visit a website and look around, then click on something, you get a lot more of that person’s time and both the issue and the sponsor get a lot more exposure. Plus, the website is well designed and rather interesting, which should presumably be an added payoff for the visitor and obviously benefits the NRDC, a worthy organization.
But the marketing campaign is obviously good for Kiehl’s considering I’d never even heard of them and here I am singing their praises in a very public space. If you know any reason why I shouldn’t please comment below…

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  • http://GreenFertility.blogspot.com marie

    It’s great when any company does something like this, and Kiehl’s has high visibility among celebs…from a toxin point of view, their cosmetics use a lot of chemicals, petroleum based products, etc.
    In a nutshell, it’s better that they are eco-conscious than not, but the chemically cosmetics thing is a bummer: http://greenfertility.blogspot.com/2006/05/kiehls-promotion-to-help-planet.html
    Obviously you’re not big into bath salts!!