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Friday in the FT – the Energy Report

| Thursday October 19th, 2006 | 2 Comments

ftlogo.jpgIf you only read the Financial Times once in a blue moon, tommorow might be a good day to pick it up. There’s a special “Energy Report” coming out which lays out the ‘pros and cons’ of alternative energy. Knowing the FT’s influence, this is going to be an interesting issue – one we may either love or criticize to death. Grab a copy tommorow and let us know what you think!


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  • http://www.crossprofit.com CrossProfit

    We were expecting a follow-up article or at the very least some follow-up articles or links to articles on green energy companies primarily in the solar and bio-fuel segment.
    As analysts we are aware that 3P is not a pure investment blog and do not expect articles to be written in a business format. As regular readers of this blog, should we notice a gross misconception from an investment perspective we would comment, as in the past.
    3P is more credible than comparable blogs and Pablo is a great addition to the mix. Though we do not write articles for 3P (and perhaps we are a bit out of line), some more hard facts from a business perspective on the solar energy and bio-fuel industries would be most welcomed.
    Nick, we thank you for this time consuming undertaking.

  • Nick Aster

    Thanks, sorry I couldn’t get a great follow up pulled together. With TreeHugger taking all my time I can only do so much. I hope that soon we’ll be able to get a few more writers into the mix to take care of these things!