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Nine Dragons Paper – A Fortune From Recycling

| Monday October 23rd, 2006 | 13 Comments

nine-dragons.gifNot only is China’s richest person a woman, but she made her fortune by recycling paper. The Financial Times has an inspiring profile of Zhang Yin who’s company, Nine Dragons Paper, thrives by collecing scrap paper in the United States, recycling it, and selling it in China. Talk about trash to cash – her empire is now worth an estimated $3.4 Billion dollars.
(Also Reported on Treehugger)


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  • Clelio Sore

    Sou de São Paulo, Brasil.
    Preciso o e-mail pessoal da senhora Zhang Yin.

  • Denise Bodah

    I work in a large law firm as a librian and am finding it impossible to have my books recycles. All recycling businesses tell me they won’t take them unless I remove the spines. This sounds absolutely absurd to me, someone has to have the ability to do this. I toss an insane amount of paper away every day and it makes me crazy. if I know how to go about having this paper shipped to China I would do it in a second.
    And phonebooks, how can we recycle those.

  • akk.T.deFrancois

    My factories in Thailand need a lot of waste paper for more than 2000 tons. To 100, 000 tons monthly, especially for magazines, white-black and Newspaper.
    And in the same time, my factories produce a lot of used paper, OCC, more than 5000 tons monthly and collecting more than 10000 tons, all of these for selling to overseas
    I am very interested to buy Foreigner Corrugator Paper Machines and Paper Carton Making Machines for Completed Production Line for (used) second-hand or damaged machines.
    Myself I am half swiss and half thai, my native speaker are French, german and thai. I have more than ten years experiences in paper industries and in various Heavy Machines experiences as Sales Engineer in Switzerland. I have many Recycled (Paper) Knowledge due to my mother working as Corrugated Paper & Offset Paper’s Manufacturer and my father as Assistant of Industrial Minister. So that is why I know in personal many Industrial Owners in Thailand, that represent 87% of whole Industrial Thai Markets. I can prove you with executed documents.

    • jose morales

      hi we have a largest recycling company in Mexico and export a lot of OCC to diferent countries is you need some one send me your requeriments

      • Jakub

        I'm looking for 150 000 tons/month of waste EU categories 104 and 105. Jakub
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    • ARR

      Please contact me if you are Interested in buying loads of Cardboard, I am A recycling company located in Paramount California.

  • Richie Abowitz

    I have access to a lot of cardboard in the eastcoast of the usa I am looking for someone interested in buying full loads

  • Stefan

    Please contact me if you have access to a lot of cardboard. I am interested in buying full loads

  • Scott

    I am looking to buy full loads of OCC. I export 120,000 tons per month to china.

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  • amit karia

    I am researching the paper trading industry. How many of you are exporting paper and how are high fuel costs affecting your competitiveness?

  • James Wong

    Hi, Im starting in Paper recycled industry in Madagascar, Reunion Island and Mauritius. Im looking for buyer of paper used. Anyone interested, please email. 3darchitecture@gmail.com
    Thank you. James

  • Jakub

    I'm looking for 150 000 tons/month of waste EU categories 104 and 105. Jakub
    Tel: 0048 666121716

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