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Orchard Garden Hotel Proposes to be the First “Green Hotel”

| Tuesday October 10th, 2006 | 0 Comments

theorchardhotel_logo.gifThe Orchard Garden Hotel is new hotel in San Francisco, adjacent to a parent property “The Orchard Hotel”. It claims to be the first “green” hotel in the area, and is indeed LEED certified, tobacco free, toxin free in the laundry and a few other things that are not especially remarkable.
However, one practice that The Orchard Garden introduces to the city and possibly the United States is the “key card energy system”. This is common at virtually every hotel in Europe and is one of the more brilliant ideas around – one whose absense in the United States baffles me, with or without a green concern. It works like this: You use your keycard to enter the hotel room. Then, in order to turn on the lights you have to stick the card in a slot just inside the door. When you leave, removing the key card automatically ensures the lights are out. As a bonus, it’s impossible to lose the card while in the room because you remember exactly where you left it. For that reason alone, this hotel gets major kudos as far as I’m concerned. Take a peek.


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