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Reverse Vending Machines Recycle

| Wednesday October 4th, 2006 | 6 Comments

It makes perfect sense to recycle drink containers at the same location that they are purchased at. That’s the idea behind a British firm called “Reverse Vending“. The customer can drop off any number of contatiners (plastic or aluminum) and rest easy knowing that they will be properly recycled before making their next purchase. No word on whether or not the deposit earns the buyer a discount.
(Image from springwise, tip thx Jamie)


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  • http://commonground.typepad.com Enrique

    I too thought this might be a viable business in California with the plethora of health- food stores. What I couldn’t wrap my brain around was the rising costs of fuel and transporation, it takes a lot of glass bottles and containers to pay for a fleet of trucks.

  • asld

    how much do ppl get payed when dropping off cans

  • mark

    there are a few companies that do this sort of thing… i was at an recycling exhibition in birmingham, and saw a company called options-recycling, they had a wide range of such machines

  • köksal yağmur

    What is the cost of the machine

  • Jaap Klasema

    Many years ago, we had machines in NZ at some petrol-stations, where kidds would put used cans into a slot, then hey would be able to see the can get flattened, whilst at the same time a small ‘fruit-machine’ would be tumbled (by the insertion of a can, and if three (3) identical fruits ended-up on 1 line, a little printed ticket wouold be produced by that machine, showing what kind of ‘prize’ the kidd had won. Prizes varied from lollypops, gum and more of that sort of thing.
    Can anyone tell me if these brilliant machines are still manufactured today ? – and were ?
    Much appreciate any help.

  • Wesley van der Heyde

    What is the cost of the machine? Have you got any business models that could be perused? I think this may work but only on a large scale.