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Worldchanging Book Now Available to Order

| Wednesday October 11th, 2006 | 2 Comments

wcpromo.jpgWorldchanging is one of the best blogs out there on environmental matters and is one of my daily reads. Last year, I was honored to have been chosen to be a contributor to their first offline production, a book called “Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century“. If you know anything about the website, your bound to love the book – a coffee table sized tome that just might change the world, whether that sound’s cheesy or not. To hazzard a wild guess, as I haven’t yet seen the book, it’s going to be the perfect reference book for greening the 21st century – from business to architecture, from agriculture to education.
Read more about the book on worldchanging, or pop over to Amazon to grab a discounted advanced copy today!
The worldchanging crew is also embarking on a cross country tour that’s bound to be worth checking out. Check out the whole schedule here.


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