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Microsoft Dynamics Lauches “Environmental Dashboard”

| Thursday November 9th, 2006 | 0 Comments

dynamics_2.jpgImproving building efficiency and waste management are some of the most basic ways of “going green”. They can also save companies a fortune and make *you* a fortune if you can find ways to do it well for others. Sometimes simple monitoring systems are the most effective way of improving energy efficiency. I once read about a company that placed a big LED readout in the lobby that showed the energy consumption of the various company departments in real time for all to see. In no time, energy consumption was reduced simply because departments didn’t want to be the worst on the list. (if anyone knows what company that was, please post a comment!).
It seems Microsoft has had something under wraps for a while called “Project Green”. It’s now been revealed as a portion of Microsoft’s larger business software system Microsoft Dynamics, an environmental monitoring system for not only building systems (Johnson Controls, are you reading this?), but to help manage all the IT needs of any company’s environmental initiatives. Download their whitepaper here – (Microsoft Word Doc).
(via R.Ho and Green Wombat)


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