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PG&E Does “Grass Couch” Promo in San Francisco

| Friday November 17th, 2006 | 3 Comments

grass couch.jpgTo promot their citywide “Greening” campaign, letsgreenthiscity.com, PG&E will be placing “grass couches” around San Francisco today, Friday the 17th of November. It should be a very fun way to promote a greener city. If you’re in town, here are the locations of the couches – The Ferry Building and Justin Herman Plaza. Additionally, couches will appear in Alamo Square, in front of City Hall, at 77 Beale Street, on Market Street in the heart of the Castro, and at the 16th Street Mission BART Plaza for a total of nine couches citywide.
If you see any of them, might you take a few photos and post them to Flickr? Tag them “grasscouch” and let’s see how many we can get up there!


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  • http://www.ecospree.com Patrick

    Hi Nick, do you know if the couches will be around for the weekend? :)

  • http://www.triplepundit.com Nick Aster

    Not sure actually! I’m out of town, so tragically I’m going to miss ‘em.

  • Anonymous

    those grass couches are cool, but the point to remember is that PG&E is attempting to remake its image into a green utility. They have certainly accomplished some green achievements, but they also have a very very checkered environmental past and currently do all kinds that are NOT worthy of enviro praise. For instance, the city of SF is looking to double PGE’s renewable goals and in HALF the time – a plan that PGE is quietly working to undermine. More nukes and natural gas is not a plan worthy of our “wows”, grass couches aside.