Malaysian Forests Sacrificed for Biodiesel

malaysia.jpgHere’s one I never quite saw coming when I was firing a pottery kiln with veggie oil in 1999. According to the WSJ, 12/5/06, “As Alternative Fuels Heat Up, Environmental Concerns Grow.” Malaysians are getting sick from a nationwide haze of blue smoke caused by rushed and rampant burning of forests in order to plant palm oil trees and attempt to meet global demand for biodiesel.
According to the Journal, “The alternative energy field ‘is almost like the internet in terms of the pace of how fast all this is changing,’ says Chris Flavin, president of the World Watch Institute”
Internet is good, alternative energy is good, hot money chasing change leaves a wake of destruction.
Keep your money in your coat. As for now, I’ll keep fillin’ her up with unleaded (cut with Ethanol of course.) Sometimes the most sustainable thing I can do is nothing at all. [wsj link here – requires subscription]