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OnEarth Mag Offers Practical Guide to Green Investing

| Wednesday December 20th, 2006 | 1 Comment

onearth.jpgNRDC’s OnEarth Magazing offers some practical insight into the idea of “Green Investing” outlining the basics and giving a good overview of some of the big players. The article is worth passing around. One thing they leave out, however, is the importance of instututional investors such as pension funds and endowments in SRI – individuals can make a difference, but massive long-term investors are the ones who can make monumental change, and weather the short term losses required to get there.

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  • http://tomkonrad.wordpress.com Tom Konrad

    Green investing and SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) are different things. Socially responsible investors usually have a long list of criteria by which they judge companies: employment practices, healthcare, peace, etc., as well as care for the environment. None of these are bad things, but they are not the same as a focus on the environment, and will have less beneficial impact on the environment because of it (although naturally more impact on labor practices, etc.)
    For example, most SRI funds would not touch Wal-Mart with the proverbial ten foot pole, which means that they cannot have a part in encouraging Wal-Mart’s efforts in energy efficiency.