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Shi Zhengrong: More Proof of Riches in Green

| Wednesday December 6th, 2006 | 1 Comment

shijen.jpgIf money can’t motivate the average person then I’m at a bit of a loss, but let it be at least some of the inspiration toward building a greener economy. TreeHugger mentioned a while ago that China’s richest person made her fortune by importing waste paper from the United States and recycling it. Now, Tom Friedman reports on the success of Shi Zhengrong’s Suntech Corporation. He’s China’s 7th richest person (who’s really counting at that point?) with an impressive billion dollar fortune. The source? Solar panels. I agree with Tom Friedman when we says that this is both a heartening sign for China’s future as well as a wake up call for the US energy sector.

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  • http://jetsongreen.typepad.com Preston

    There’s a good Youtube video with Tom talking about that (interview with MSNBC’s Tim Russert). He’s saying what you posted about, but more specifically, with regards to energy independence, the US is in danger of diversifying away from the middle east into China (because they’re developing all the clean technology).